Southeastern Anatolia, which forms the extreme border of the Roman Empire, has been transformed into a geography where great struggles between the two great powers of the time, Rome and Parthians/Sassanids, have been maintained throughout history from the perspective of economic, political and military strategy. The research that began at Zerzevan Castle, the military settlement of Rome, plays a very important role in understanding the Roman period of the region. Zerzevan Castle military settlement located 13 km from the Çınar district of Diyarbakır province within the Demirölçek Village has a very significant role in terms of shedding light to Roman period of the region. The military settlement has been built on a rocky hill at the height of 124 m.  The remains and city walls of the settlement area, spread over a large area on the surface with an area of approximately 500 acres, as well as the necropolis located outside remains and city walls can easily be seen.

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