Rock Tombs

ROCK TOMBS / 3rd-7th century AD

 There is a necropolis area consisting of different types of graves outside the settlement area and three types of tombs have been identified in general in this necropolis area. These are vaulted tombs and rock tombs carved in the form of sarcophagi. Two vaulted tombs have been identified until now in the studies carried out in the necropolis area. There are graves outside the settlement which are carved into the bedrock 88 m. on the south of the south tower. The other rock tombs are located on the other high hill which is on the south part of the settlement. The tombs in general have a stepped entrance and open directly into the burial chamber.  Three klines have been made in three directions in order to place the deceased persons except the entrance. On the northwest of the rock tombs there are five sarcophaguses which are carved into the bedrock and oriented on the northwest – southeast directions and differently from other rock tombs in this way. The sarcophagus lids of the tombs have not reached until today.

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